Stockpile measurements

Companies within the process industry want to keep track of the amounts of raw materials in their production plants. This can be a challenge since some raw material cannot be tracked as number of units  (...)

Conveyor belt monitoring

Robust solutions are needed for critical production lines and harsch environments. Process industry companies, such as mining companies, want to take the next optimization steps and improve their use of resources by early detection of deviations. If deviations are not detected quickly, there is a risk of breakdowns and wasted product that must be re-processed. An unplanned stop also represent a risk for the workers (...)

Traffic control and anti-collision

Industrial sites accelerate their operations with smarter vehicles, smarter machines, and smarter wearables. However, we have not seen that much improvement in the overview monitoring that has been relying on operators’ experience and attention, based on the information from video cameras and machine measurements that work separately (...)