Load Finder

Drive as usual.
Gather the volumes of trucks and detect deviations.


Raw material handling is more challenging than manufacturing, where products are managed as units and types. The raw materials are often measured as volumes and weights, which have shortcomings. Volume scanning has been either costly or slowed down distribution due to drivers having to stop when a sensor is scanning the material. Scales are expensive and require maintenance. Having volume and weight available to calculate an estimated density early can be essential.    

Load Finder provides accurate volume measurements while transporting materials and the opportunity to add more intelligent features from the same sensor! 

How does it work? Keep reading.

Locate the vehicle

Information on the vehicle is extracted from the point cloud data, independent of the manufacturer.  We can accurately capture moving vehicles with a velocity of ~30km/h and beyond. 

Locate the load 

The load is then extracted, and the overall volume is calculated with high precision.


The volumes of the loads are captured while driving, greatly reducing transport times.

Detect deviations

Prevent mistake by making sure you always the intended amount of material.


MQTT | OPC UA | ABB | Milestone | RFID support for tracking individual trucks | More on request 

Meta-data and Insights

Trends | Fill level |Deviations | Time slots.

The Setup

We help you to getting started with everything from sensors to integration, with as little moving parts as possible.

One sensor

One sensor gives instant results in this application by seamlessly providing volumes and valuable data. We are currently using an Ouster OS0-64 sensor placed in the ceiling.

One processing unit

The processing is made on premises and data is sent as a lightweight messages by 4G or Wi-Fi. Flasheye provides ruggedized processing units that manage all imaginable conditions.

Load Finder Software

The system is configured with a web interface with several built-in integrations. Remote support to get you started quickly is always included!

Catch any scenario 

Outside measuring the volume of the material on truckbeds, it is also possible to detect if the trucks are overloaded. Loads exceeding the size of the truckbed pose a risk, both by causing damage to the mine's structure and spillage.

Another function that improves safety is detecting people and vehicles approaching from the driver's blind spot and informing them promptly. 

"Undoubtedly, the design process proved to be the most fascinating aspect. Meticulously integrating each intricate function into a cohesive procedure, in conjunction with our extant codebase, has been immensely rewarding. The most formidable challenge was the three-dimensional construction of the vehicles, necessitating several detours before arriving at the currently employed solution."

Lukas, Software Engineer

Flasheye's LiDAR solutions

More autonomous

LiDAR technology is the most progressive technology acting as eyes for your machines, with an understanding of the environment.

Safer and smarter

Thousands of 3D measurement points and distances are captured in real-time. Self-diagnosis ensures the full capacity of all sensors 24/7.

Technologically agnostic

Flasheye's solutions support almost all sensors that generate 3D data. This allows you to upgrade to the latest technology and keep your momentum. 

Integrity upheld

Light detection allows us to precisely detect movements without identifying individuals and breaching integrity and GDPR. 

You are in good hands.

Flasheye is a software company based in Luleå, Sweden. We have innovative solutions and patent-pending methods that enable quick and secure installations. With competencies from research, automation, software, photogrammetry, AI, robotics, drones, and the process industry, we are thrilled to use this combination of skills to help you solve the most challenging problems. We started in the mining industry, but interest from other sectors is emerging, and today Flasheye serves several industries with LiDAR-based intelligent monitoring. 


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