Intrusion detection - preventing theft in industrial plants

Industrial thefts, such as warehouse stock, machines, and other equipment, are quite common. There are ways to prevent them. An example is relevant stock control; it could hint the company that something is lost or stolen. Also, GPS trackers (...)

Immediate detection of potentially dangerous objects left in public areas

Attacks in public areas continue, which has caused an emerging need for reliable and large-scale surveillance. Only in Europe, the number of attacks has been up to 200 some years. The probability to experience attacks or terror is low, but the consequences are serious for people and the society. A solution is detecting suspicious (...)

Lidar surveillance: Monitor without breaching integrity and GDPR

Surveillance at critical infrastructure has increased. The definition of critical infrastructure could be categorized in different industries, where infrastructure to each of them is necessary for (...)

3D surveillance to detect unauthorized people and control cameras

The need for cost-efficient and robust surveillance is increasingly growing and at the same time, we want to ensure integrity and privacy. 3D lidar surveillance provides  immediate detection of changes to the desired situation and accurate tracking of intruders without breaching the laws of GDPR (...)