Makes industry and infrastructure safer and smarter with 3D LiDAR monitoring

Real-time alerts 

Early detection of  deviations before serious damage occurs.

Automatize inspection

Keep track on processes, people and machines 24/7.

Remote control

Follow everything of interest from distance.

Flasheye is one of the winners of Swedish Mining Innovation Idea Competition

The presented idea was real-time and large-scale installations of 3D LiDAR in the mining raw material processing infrastructure enabled by edge-computing, easy and safe configuration with Flasheye software (...)

Can you see it?

Automatize it. 

3D monitoring is needed for 3D problems. Reliable data representing the reality is a key factor when transforming industries to become safer, smarter, and more sustainable.

Flasheye was founded to address problems and critical consequences caused by lack of visibility. Flasheye takes proven LiDAR technology from the automotive-, defense-, and robotics industry into large-scale industrial and security monitoring installations, ensuring early detection of deviations before serious damage occurs. Often more detailed than an operator could.

How does it work?

1. Set up lidar sensors 

Monitor critical target points from mid- and long-range lidar and ensure control and safety.  

2. Add 3D zones and rules

Select from built-in features such as deviation detection and human tracking within minutes.

3. Integrate 

Ensure real time insights presented in existing control systems or a web browser. 


Digital barriers

Set up digital barriers for different monitoring purposes. Digital barriers in several layers with machine control can prevent accidents.

Object detection

Identification and categorization of humans, machines, vehicles, etc. Fundamental for safety critical applications.

Deviation control

Often we are interested in the cases when it is not normal conditions... Detect anomalies and differences over time.

Quality indicators

Geometry and shapes are used for tracking processes and detect potential deviations early.

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