Who we are

Although we are a software development company, Flasheye has always prioritized people. That includes our approach to designing solutions and how we conduct ourselves as a business.

Where it started

Flasheye is founded 2019 in Kiruna,  by Ulf Lindström who has long experience within industry and infrastructure.
The idea came from the needs of mining companies and process plants, to access a robust monitoring system that are both reliable and rich of high-quality data, to take the major steps towards automation, autonomy, and safety. 
Tests and evaluation results shown the 3D sensors were the most promising technology to detect changes, movements, deviations, leakages, and spillage. Another factor is that the prices of the hardware are estimated to being reduced dramatically the upcoming years. 
Another challenge is that every enivonment is unique. Therefore, the first solution is the hardware-agnostic software toolbox for 3D sensors with plug-and-play analytics and integrations. Like a swiss army knife.

A better world 

A disruptive smart transformation is ongoing.

In all sectors we will see a change where operations are becoming more autonomous and digital. One of the key enablers is the spatial percpetion where Flasheye develops real-time software for any 3D product to robotize monitoring and analytics.


Trust hinges on leadership's transparency and accountability, alongside flexibility in client solutions. This fosters a reliable and adaptive environment, essential for long-term partnerships and innovative solutions.


Flasheye aim to be in the forefront of 3D perception software to provide expert support to global leaders of products, systems, and manufacturers. The team has deep experience from industry, automation, robotics, 3D sensors, and software development along groundbreaking patents for upscaling the technology.


We disrupt established norms, driven by our vision for a future enhanced by autonomous systems. It's not the easiest path, but we believe in empowering people with revolutionary, efficient solutions.

"It makes me immensely proud of every piece of progress we make because, from the outset, the odds have been against us. We launched a company to reach the international stage from Luleå in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. We shouldn’t be here, but we not only survived, we are thriving."

Ulf Lindström, CEO and founder

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We believe in collaborations, you succeed better working together

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