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Lidar Introduction: Security and Public Safety

Join our recurring webinar for a comprehensive introduction to the potential of lidar technology in the realm of security and public safety. In this session, we'll shed light on the unique capabilities of lidar in comparison to other technologies, all with a laser-sharp focus on enhancing security and safeguarding public well-being.

Designed specifically with security providers and integrators in mind, this session will equip you with the essential knowledge to kickstart your journey with lidar surveillance. Offer a solution to the most persistent challenges in the security industry, challenges previously deemed inpassable. Elevate your security operations to new heights by participating in this must-attend webinar!

[Notice: This webinar is recurring and content is mainly the same, but we will change focus on different use cases]


In this session you will know more about lidar software solutions and how to use it in your solutions. Independent of market, lidar technology is representing a huge potential for integrity-friendly monitoring and precise measurements that can be used for a variety of tasks. Everything from presenting data to controlling machines in real-time. With the right software you can utilize this technology already today. 

Why attend? 

  • Learn about state-of-the art 3D sensor technology 

  • Approach problems that has not been possible so solve before due to lack of high-quality data and representation of the physical environment

  • Flasheye has all 3D building blocks you need

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