We bring awareness to machines, systems, and humans through real-time spatial perception

Gather insights about our physical world. Detect events and react with precise data. 3D perception software will drive automation and enhance safety across industries!


Autonomous sites with significant improvements in safety, quality, and efficiency

Ports and harbours

Improve safety and efficiency with high-quality data for machines


Automate and optimize the smart buildings without breaching integrity

Robotics and AGV

Perception for future's smart robots and vehicles

Art and Historic buildings

Protect invaluable art and buildings


Reliable perception for strategic planning and protection


Autonomous inspections and data gathering


Protect critical infrastructure

Smart cities

Road, rail, and aviation

Why work with us?

We provide the spatial perception necessary to take the next steps towards fully autonomous, efficient and safe operations. 

Reliable real-time data

Millions of points are processed in real-time and transformed into valuable insights, instructing machines immediately or improving awareness for humans.

Expert support

We have long experience from automation, industry, security, robotics, infrastructure, drones, algorithms, and interoperability.

Endless flexibility

Enjoy the freedom of supplier independence, ensuring you're never tied down to one provider. 50+ parameters and 50+ actionable data in your hands.


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