Real-Time Material Analysis Improves Efficiency and Quality for LKAB Berg & Betong



This case study focuses on how LKAB Berg & Betong, a prominent raw material company, leveraged real-time material analysis to detect deviations early in their product's size distribution. By using lidar technology, the company aimed to reduce reprocessing, optimize resource utilization, and ensure the quality of their raw materials, thus benefiting both their bottom line and their customers. This was made possible by collaborating, to develop a cutting-edge solution that could operate efficiently even in the harsh environment above the Arctic Circle.


LKAB Berg & Betong faced challenges in their mining and processing operations. The harsh Arctic Circle environment brought extreme weather conditions and excessive dust, which posed significant obstacles to maintaining a production monitoring system. Cameras was not an alterantive. Additionally, monitoring the material's size distribution manually is time-consuming and dependent on human attention, resulting in potential deviations going unnoticed until later stages of production, leading to resource wastage and subpar quality.


Flasheye collaborated with LKAB Berg & Betong to develop a real-time material analysis solution. The key focus was on analyzing the material's size distribution and other characteristics continuously during the production process. If any deviations were detected, the system would trigger an automatic warning, allowing the company to address the issue promptly. The solution comprised both hardware andanalysis software developed by Flasheye.


The hardware was designed to withstand the challenging Arctic environment, including extreme temperatures and dust, ensuring continuous and reliable operation. The analysis software was tailored to provide real-time insights and automatic alerts if the material's size distribution exceeded acceptable limits. This enabled LKAB Berg & Betong to track their production from a safe distance, mitigating safety risks for their personnel.

  1. Early Deviation Detection: Real-time material analysis enabled LKAB Berg & Betong to identify deviations in the material's size distribution early on, minimizing the chances of producing substandard products.

  2. Reduced Reprocessing: By addressing deviations promptly, the company significantly reduced the need for reprocessing, saving valuable resources and cutting production costs.

  3. Responsible Resource Use: With better control over the material's size distribution, LKAB Berg & Betong optimized their resource utilization, ensuring minimal waste and environmental impact.

  4. Improved Product Quality: The ability to monitor and adjust the size distribution in real-time led to a consistent and higher-quality raw material, enhancing customer satisfaction.

  5. Harsh Environment Adaptability: The developed solution proved resilient and efficient in extreme Arctic conditions, setting a benchmark for future Flasheye solutions to excel in all environments and weather conditions.


By leveraging cutting-edge technology to detect deviations in the material's size distribution early on, the company experienced reduced reprocessing, responsible resource utilization, and improved product quality. The collaboration with Flasheye also enabled LKAB Berg & Betong to monitor production safely from a distance, ensuring employee well-being. The successful implementation in the harsh Arctic environment set new standards for Flasheye solutions and highlighted the potential benefits of real-time analysis in various industries. The insights gained from this monitoring system will be further utilized to drive continuous improvements in the quality of their raw materials and products.


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