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Fast-track to lidar technology is now available: 15 building blocks for industry leaders


Flasheye, a leader in lidar perception software for infrastructure, proudly announces an enhanced suite of services tailored for technology clients eager to accelerate their product development. Specializing in the cutting-edge field of lidar perception software, we are set to combine speed, cost-efficiency, and technological advancement.

The challenges for all technology and software companies

We know it is challenging to fuel the engine of technological advancement with continuous innovation, to stay ahead of the competition, and to remain relevant in the fast-paced market. Discover how new technology can solve problems that seemed impossible before, paving the way for sustained growth and success. In the swiftly evolving tech landscape, the ability to quickly bring new products to market while managing costs effectively is crucial. Flasheye addresses these challenges head-on with a unique blend of services and 15+ building blocks for 3D data reducing costs and the complexity of 3D data. Our commitment is to share our knowledge of lidar technology, empowering our clients with the right tools, education and collaboration.

Why lidar is a key technology in various industries

Lidar stands for Light Detection and Ranging. The lidar sensors generate a 3D representation of the environment in real-time. The strength of the lidar technology and why it is one of the leading technologies in robotics and automotive is the accurate data representation of the surroundings similar to how humans perceive the world. In addition, every data point includes the position in three dimensions. With lidar perception software we can react immeditely and make the data easy to understand for both systems and humans.

The building blocks of lidar perception software include features that can interpret, perceive and analyze 3D data in real-time. High resolution sensors can generate millions of point every second, requiring efficient data processing. Flasheye's software solutions have low CPU requirements and can run on the same processing units as cameras. Examples of building blocks are; sensor agnostic layer making it possible to use almost any 3D sensor on the market and combine sensors from different brands, advanced filtering, object detection, and classification. 

Become the leader in your industry

Faster Time to Market: Leveraging advanced technologies and efficient processes, we help clients significantly shorten product development time, enabling quicker market entry.

Cost Reduction: The 3D building blocks minimize unnecessary expenses, making product creation more budget-friendly.

Expert Guidance: We provide end-to-end support, ensuring products meet and exceed market expectations, backed by our industry knowledge and experience.

Flexible Licensing Model: Our adaptable licensing ensure that clients can choose the terms that best fit their needs, with the added benefit of supplier independence to avoid being locked into a single provider.

Our clients are in variuous industries and are using the 3D data for positioning, material analysis, automation, safety and security. Data is either sent directly to machines or presented in external systems.

Technological benefits

Our lidar software solutions and 3D building blocks transform complex 3D data into easily manageable formats for systems and humans. We are dedicated to accelerating our clients' access to lidar technology, sharing our knowledge and expertise to enhance their products. With access to over 50 parameters and more than 50 actionable data types, our clients can deeply customize and refine their product functionalities. Our technology supports various platforms and protocols, making it easy to integrate advanced 3D analytics into preferred systems or your products.

Our solutions are designed to process 3D data in real-time from any lidar brand or sensor, offering the best flexibility in technology selection. We have tested most of the sensors on the market and not only one brand can solve all problems. The agnostic approach allows you to easy access new technologies and sensors models and not being tied down to one manufacturer.

About Flasheye 

Flasheye is a leader in lidar software for infrastructure, specializes in making advanced 3D data into invaluable insights across various industries. Their agnostic approach and support for multiple brands of hardware and platforms enable us to enhance automation, safety, and operational efficiency.   

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