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We help you to become more autonomous, efficient, and safe.
Flasheye provides all the tools needed to understand what is happening in the physical environment in order to generate insights with lightweight messaging and to control machines based on real-time information.📍  

Set up scenarios. Let the sensors work 24/7.

With Flasheye's versatile toolbox, you can detect changes, danger, and activities, making your operations more autonomous, efficient and safe without breaching integrity.

Object detection

Size | Velocity | Direction | Class

Change detection

Volume | Intrusion | Characteristics  

Real time locating 

Tracking | Prediction | Distances

Meta-data and insights

Counting |Trends


See everything with state-of-the-art perception

  • Robust in harsh conditions

    Lidar sensors are not sensitive to suboptimal light or averse weather conditions. They also work well in challenging environments and our software automatically notifies you when dirt levels are critical and can even control the cleaning . 

  • Industrial protocols

    Flasheye's software solutions supports all popular industrial protocols. 


We support companies to optimize their operations, automate production, and mitigate the need for human attention.

Volume measurements

Measure the volumes of stockpiles and material on conveyor belts and truck beds. Start tracking the volume data to gain insights into your operations. Learn more

Detect Deviations

Detect deviations based on quality parameters early, before severe damage occurs. We have a library of ideal parameters to track. Learn more

Traffic Control and Safety

Detect and track activities between people, vehicles, and machines to improve safety and boost the efficiency! Learn more

What can we do for you?

Lidar monitoring solutions

Everything is included: software licenses, connectivity, hardware, and service agreement. The solutions are easy to install.

Consultant services

We have experts in 3D analysis, automation, software development, algorithm development, AI/ML, testing, robotics and senior project management.

Proof of Concept projects

Get highlights of what is possible with this versatile technology. We help you to design and execute PoCs suited for your operations.

Case studies

More customer stories will be published soon 

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