Lidar software solutions

Next generation of vision based on measurements, not guesswork

Minimizes Risk.

Protects your Privacy.

All of this in your hands. 
Measures with Precision.

Highlights of what is possible

Flasheye is a software company based in the north of Sweden, Luleå. Our detailed processing of 3D data in real-time detects changes and dangers without compromising your own privacy and integrity.
Discover the use cases here.

Load Finder

Measure the material flow in truckbeds and fill levels during driving. 

Boost industrial efficiency

The lidar vision system supports the operators and detects deviations before serious damage occur. 

Public Safety

Immediate detection of dangerous situations without breaching integrity. Perfect for traffic and public spaces!


A plug-and-play security solution which is integratable with cameras and video managements systems

How does it work?

1. Set Up

Add one sensor or synchronise several sensors into one aggregated 3D model of the environment.   

2. Build

Configure the monitoring from our easy, built-in features designed for every unique environment.

3. Integrate

Alarms are presented in multiple external systems, VMS platforms, and industrial protocols.

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